Fun Family Things To Do In Nashville

The last four weeks, we have had family come and visit us in Tennessee, so naturally, being the planner I am I decided to create a whole itinerary of things for us to do the days we went into Nashville. We fit A LOT of stuff into the time they were here, so I have a lot to share with you!

1. Bus Tours

If you have just a small amount of time, but you have a lot you want to see, check out a bus tour! We went on Tommy’s Nashville Tours, and it was so much fun! The tour was 4 hours, Tommy was knowledgeable about the area, and he had us laughing the whole time. Four hours sound like a long time, but we stopped multiple times for bathroom breaks, drinks, and snacks. Not only did the tour drive us by top Nashville hot-spots such as the Bluebird Cafe and top recording studios, but we also stopped by houses of some of today’s biggest artists such as Taylor Swift, and the filming location for Chrisley Knows Best (They were filming that day!). One of our bathroom stops was at the breathtakingly beautiful Union Station Hotel. We saw way more things in four hours than if we were doing it ourselves. Link to Tommy’s Nashville here!

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2. Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

This was the second time I went and they keep changing things about the exhibit spaces so it felt like I was seeing a lot of stuff I hadn’t seen before. I think my favorite part of this visit was being able to show my family around. Being a fashion major, It was interesting to see what the artists wore at different award shows and events. The temporary Kacey Musgraves exhibit had a lot of her iconic fashion moments such as what she wore to Met Gala just a couple months ago. Even if you don’t like country music, the exhibits could still prove to be super interesting because it shows how a lot of genres stem from the same roots. Tickets can be bought on their website or at the museum itself. If you are buying and want a military discount, they will need to be purchased at the door.


3. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is where Nashville’s replica of the Parthenon sits, which was really interesting to see. After all, Nashville is known as the Athens of the south. My personal favorite part was the large statue of Athena. If you go before Labor Day, Military and their families get in free. The Parthenon is in the middle of a big park so it would be fun to take a walk around the area, but it was incredibly hot when we went. Its definitely a quick visit and the Parthenon tour itself did not take much time at all. We added the stop as an after thought since it was only a couple miles from my doctors appointment I had that day.


4. Madam Toussand’s

This is always a fun stop and gives you the opportunity to stop and pose with some of your favorite celebrities. While it’s a lot of fun, the tickets can be pricey, so keep an eye out on Groupon for tickets. We got our tickets half off, so we enjoyed the museum a lot more than we would have if we would have if we paid twenty-something a ticket!

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5. Grand Ole Opry/ Opryland Hotel

If you’re in Nashville, you have to see the Grand Ole Opry. It’s Iconic. Then, walk over to the Gaylord Opryland Resort, where your breathe would be taken away by the extemely large atriums  that will make you forget that your indoors at a hotel. It is completely free to go in and walk around, and it is one of my favorite things to go to since I moved to the area.

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6. A Meal on Broadway

Broadway is Nashville’s iconic strip known for its night life and bars. However, the party doesn’t stop during the day! Wherever you go, there is amazing food and live music. I’ve been to both the Florida Georgia Line Bar (which is right off Broadway) and Ole Red (Blake Shelton’s Bar and Restaurant) and both were delicious! The live country music makes the whole area feel like you are in a movie or something. It almost seems like too much fun! Make sure to check out the rooftop bars when you visit, because you can get a great view of Nashville from above.


7. The Gulch

There are great murals to snap an Insta pic at all around the city, but the Gulch has some of the best including the iconic wing mural. This area is super artsy and I LOVED it, even though we barely spent any time there.


We are moving from the area soon, so I am so happy I got to experience all these things before we leave next month for a whole new adventure! What are your favorite things to do in Nashville?

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