My Summer Playlist

Hello everyone! I hope you all are surviving this crazy heat wave that has been happening this past weekend. It’s been hot here in Tennessee so we have been trying to stay indoors as much as possible. It’s about the end of July and I have had company for the last four weeks, so I haven’t been blogging like I have wanted to. This week I decided it would be fun to share some music that has been on repeat this summer for me. The genres I listen to span from K-pop to Indie to Country to songs that are just so last year, so no judging! In the comments below, let me know what you have been listening to!

Katy Perry- Never Really Over

This song has vibes from her older music and I really love it! It has def been on repeat this summer!

Pentagon- Humph!

See? I told you my playlist is all over the place! This song just recently came out and now my husband and I are trying to learn all the dance moves to it….. on top of being a super catchy song, the video is so bright and vibrant! Perfect for summer.

Kacey Musgraves- Golden Hour

I am obsessed with how chill this song is. It reminds me of watching the sun go down at the beach and listening to the waves lap the shore. Ugh… it also reminds me that I really need another beach day.

311- Amber

This song is the definition of beach vibes. Year after year it always ends up on my summer playlist. It really never gets old!

Mod Sun- I Remember Way Too Much

I have been obsessed with Mod Sun lately. I’ve started following on his journey on Instagram last year and he genuinely seems like a really cool guy. Not to mention his music is super chill! You will def hear more and more about him in the coming months.

Joan- Love Somebody Like You

This song is so catchy and fun! I haven’t anything else from them but if their other stuff is as good as this, I will def have to give it a listen!

Thomas Rhett- Look What God Gave Her

Genre switch! (Again) I live near Nashville so how could I not include some country music?

Camila Cabello- Never Be the Same

I still love this song!

NCT 127- Highway to Heaven

Ughhhhhhhh NCT at is againnnnnn. What more can I say?

BTS- Mikrokosmos

I HAD to include this song because its the last song they sang when I went to their concert in New Jersey this summer. I AM EMOTIONAL!

These are just a few songs that I have been listening to nonstop this summer! Let me know in the comments below of any songs you think I should add to my playlist!

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