5 Tips To Make Flying Easier

Throughout the years, I have traveled by plane many times both domestically and internationally. With all the hustle and bustle at the airport, things can get stressful. Thousands of people running each and every way can be scary if you’ve never flown before, so that’s why I decided to compile the 5 best tips I have to make air travel easier. So with that, let’s begin!

1) Don’t Stress!

Literally, I stressed myself out over nothing. I got through security with no problem, found my gates with no problem, got my luggage back with no problem. Everything went smoothly. Which is why the first tip is not to stress. Everything ends up falling into place and airport staff are more than willing to help you find where you need to go. Most airports have great signage too to help you get from point A to point B fast. So take a deep breath, and don’t worry!


2) Security

Getting through TSA can be a pain in the butt. I flew from Nashville just last week, and found out that you shouldn’t wear clothing with sparkles stitched into it. I had on a sweater that had a gold shiny thread stitched throughout it, and lit up the moniter! I had to have the whole pat down while also holding up other people trying to get to thier flight. The TSA agent said it wasn’t a big deal because airports don’t make this aware to passengers, but save yourself some time, and put your sparkly sweaters in your checked luggage. #embarrassed! Side note: Be sure to check the TSA guidelines way before your flight so that you know what isn’t allowed.

3) For shorter flights:

Unless you are super thirsty, don’t get an in-flight drink. I’ve had short hour long flights before that once you get your drink, someone comes up behind them with the trash bag to take it from you. I just buy a bottled drink in the airport before the flight (I know… over priced) that I can have with me through the flight, and I don’t have to throw away before landing. Be sure to take one of the complimentary snacks though! Even if you aren’t hungry at the time, take it and put it in your bag for later. You’ll be happy you did when you don’t want to pay a hefty price for the same snack you could have gotten for free on the plane.

4) Find your gate before anything else.

Have a short layover? Find your gate before you do anything else. Some airports are so big you have to take a tram to another section of the airport. During a layover at LaGuardia in New York, we got on a bus for 10 minutes that drove us to another section of the airport entirely. Once you actually find your gate is a good time to get a snack and use the restroom. That way you can be sure you make it, because the plane doesn’t wait on anyone!


5) Dress in layers.

When I came back to school, I only wanted to pack one suitcase…. but it’s winter. This meant layering was going to be my best friend! Plan to wear your bulkiest clothes to free up room in your suitcase. You can always take your jacket(s) off if you get hot on the plane!

These are just a few of the most basic tips for traveling that I have come up with. I hope if you are new to traveling that they will help you! If you are a travel pro, let me know below what you would add to this list!

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