10 Songs That Will Make You Fall In Love With K-Pop

This week is so stressful and filled with exams I have to study for and papers I have to write, so I thought this weeks blog should be fun! I was first introduced to K-Pop (Korean Pop) last spring when my sister-in-law (shoutout to Nicole!) showed me BTS. I soon fell down the rabbit hole and began listening to every group I could find. I cannot claim being a fan for a long time (so no hate) but I wanted to share with you guys my top 10 songs that I believe will make you fall in love with K-Pop! In no particular order of course! Enjoy!

1. Don’t Wanna Cry- SEVENTEEN

Okay, so I am going to try and not make this whole thing about Seventeen, but every song they have is a bop so it is hard not to! Also, their dances are super in sync and complex. If they come to America or I find myself in South Korea, I WILL be finding a show!

2. Shine- PENTAGON

I feel the same way about Pentagon. They have a lot of bops.


Even if you know nothing about K-Pop, chances are you’ve heard of BTS. They are today’s biggest group. They are thought to be today’s One Direction and have taken even the US by storm. Trust me, I looked at their US tour tickets and they were $2,000 in the nosebleeds. When you watch this music video, you’ll understand what all the hype is about!


I told you.

5. Only one for me- BTOB

This group’s vocals are amazing and that’s all I’ve got to say!

6. Monster- EXO

This song will get you hype every time!

7. Naughty Boy- PENTAGON

This song is really catchy and the dance is a whole lot of fun!

8. My Lady- BTOB

This is my FAVORITE song at the moment. It even beats all the english songs I like right now, its that good. I have desperately been trying to find a music video for this but can’t, so this will have to do.

9. Just Right- GOT7

This is song is so much fun and has a great message! So if you like it, look up the english lyrics. Super cute!


Anotha one.

So that is my top 10 list of Kpop songs that will make you fall in love Kpop! There are literally hundreds more I could add, but these are my favorite at the moment. (Also I just realized I didn’t put any girl groups in here but there are a lot of good girl group songs as well!) I hope you enjoyed, and here is a video of the members of BTS trying to speak english and RM being very disappointed in them.

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