What Being in Drama Club Taught Me

Hello everyone! This is a blog post that I wrote a long time ago, but I decided to bring it back since this is around the time I was in my last show 4 years ago, West Side Story. I’m not doing anything that involves theater right now, so I am feeling so nostalgic of all the old times. Even the old pictures from the shows make me so happy, so enjoy!


Oh, Drama how I love you! No, I’m not talking about the drama that you watch playing out on Mean Girls. I mean the stage Drama. The dramas, the comedies, the tragedies. I started acting when I was in ninth grade, and I instantly fell in love. I experienced so many things that I never dreamed I would experience. So, here are just a few of the many things that the Drama Club taught me.


It taught me that practice makes perfect.

No matter how hard the dance was, or how difficult it was to get the parts in a song, we were always able to get it. All of our practice paid off. Even if we had to work all day on a Saturday. This proves that we just can’t give up. We have to work for it!


How to work as a team.

Okay, so maybe there were a lot of misunderstandings and disagreements, but nothing we couldn’t work through. Theater taught me how to work with people and come to an agreement on something that needs to be done.


It opened me up to different cultures.

Who knew that Drama Club would have brought me across the ocean to perform? I learned so much about other cultures, and it was an amazing experience! I will remember those two weeks for the rest of my life.


Lifelong friends can and will be made.

I made some amazing friends while in the Drama Club. With spending every waking moment together, it was hard not to become close with them! Although my high school days are over, I will always keep these people in my heart.


Someone ALWAYS has your back.

With speedy costume changes, help is essential! Luckily, you knew someone had your back. Lavalier stopped working? Tech is sprinting from the booth to help you. Your knife isn’t on the prop table? No fear! The backstage crew has the whole cast on the lookout.


It’s okay to have fun!

Okay, I admit it. We did goof off….. sometimes. It is okay to have fun! Dance breaks are much needed in between scenes. Just like getting a little messy when painting sets is hard to resist. Just know that there is a time for play and a time to be serious.


Always make time for celebration!

After three days of stress filled shows, you need to celebrate! Sit back and relax with your fellow castmates, or gather up for a heated game of Cards Against Humanity. Whatever it is, live it up! You deserved it. Now, whenever I finish a paper or a final, I celebrate!


The show must go on.

Every. Actors. Nightmare. A week before the final show of your high school career, and you fall on stage, dislocating your knee and tearing your ACL. Yes, that happened to me. Although I was not able to perform, I was able to help our production be a success. Note to self: wear your knee brace, even when you don’t think you need to.


Do NOT give up.

I had been in Drama for four years and had not won a single award. However, you can’t let this get to you. You just have to keep working hard and pushing yourself. I was thrilled to win Best Honor Thespian at the end of my senior year. An award I was not expecting to win.  If I had given up, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunities that were presented to me.


Without the Drama Club, I wouldn’t be who I am today. To the people who are still in high school, don’t take the drama club for granted! I didn’t realize how much I would miss it after I graduated. Break a leg!

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