An Open Letter to Incoming Freshmen

So you did it! You’re about to leave for college. This is such an exciting and confusing time of your life. In most cases, you are starting out brand new with no one you know. I am a senior this year, so I have been in your shoes. I wanted to share with you some things I learned, and things I wish I knew when heading off to college.

First, make sure you cherish the remaining time you have with your family. You may never get to spend that much time with them again once you start out on your own. Be patient because this is hard for them to let you go. Believe it or not, a few weeks in is typically when college freshman start feeling homesick. During this time, it’s easy for you to feel like you want to go back home. Stick it through! It gets easier over time once you develop a routine.

Try not to register for 8 AMs. You think you can do it since you arrived even earlier when you were in high school, but don’t. For some reason it is a billion times harder than you would think it would be. Start your day at at least 9AM.

Be sure to go to club fair. This is the place that helped me find my friends that I still have today. It opened so many doors for me and only took an hour out of my day. Don’t make up any excuses for not going….. YOU NEED TO! Colleges have such a wide variety of students so there will for sure be a club that will interest you.


Take care of yourself. Make yourself a priority. It’s okay to say no sometimes. You don’t always have to go out or study. Take time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Your mind and body will thank you later for it.

Keep a planner. It is NOT lame! It makes sure that you know when things are due and when you have a presentation. This isn’t high school, and professors have no sympathy if you forget to turn something in. Which you will learn is a good thing soon! It is best to start the year organized so that you make a habit out of it. 9 out of 10 times you will forget something you need to do if you don’t have it written down. My personal favorite planners are The Happy Planners. They are amazing and so customizable! Also the designs are beautiful and you won’t mind lugging it around all day.


Click Here to purchase one of these planners. You can also find them at Michaels!

Don’t buy textbooks until after you go to class. A lot of times you won’t even use the book that the professor assigns you. They will tell you during your first class if you need the book or not. Don’t buy it if you don’t have to. They cost an arm and a leg! Also, if you do need a book, order it off Chegg or another online book rental site. Go and compare your prices right now. I can guarantee you that you will save hundreds!\

Visit Chegg Now!

Remember the reason you’re there. You aren’t at college to party all the time. You are there to get an education. I’m not saying not to go out! Just be sure that you have finished all your work first or you will get further and further behind until you can’t catch up. Trust me, I was an RA so I’ve seen it happen A LOT. Just be smart about it and you’ll be fine!


Portfolio for my design classes

Utilize the resources on campus. Everything is there for a reason…. for you! There is an office for everything from helping you with your resumes, to tutoring services. Be sure to utilize them because you’re paying for them anyway.

Never get discouraged. You will go through so many ups and downs your freshman year as you meet new people and get adjusted to how college classes work.

Finally, don’t blink. It seems like just yesterday I was beginning my college career as a freshman moving into my dorm and starting classes. Now I’m beginning my final year as a senior and I cannot believe how fast time has flown. You won’t believe me now, but just wait!


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Incoming Freshmen

  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for posting this, you hit it on the nail. So many experiences from college go by so fast that it’s important not to miss them. Thanks for sharing, what’s your favorite thing to blog about this year?


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