Happy Healed-iversary: One Year Strong

This day last year I went in for my last Parathyroid surgery, scared that it would not be my last. I was told there was a chance that I would have to fight this for the rest of my life, and to be honest, I was scared. I believed God had a plan, but my faith was shaken. I didn’t want to live with the constant depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc that I had for the previous 8 years. When I woke up from that surgery, I heard I was healed! I couldn’t believe it! In that moment, my surgeon (shout out to you Dr. Norman! I know you are probably reading this!) made me promise that in exactly a year, I would get ahold of him to celebrate our 1 year healed-iversary. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to blog about my past year of life, a healed person. I cannot believe that so much has happened in just a year, and I thank Dr. Norman and his team at Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa Florida for not giving up on me or my case, and for helping me to live this amazing year! So instead on focusing on the past problems I had through my illness, I am going to focus on the beautiful life I have had post-parathyroid disease.

Where do I even start? Let’s start with the day I was healed. I was finally able to open the medication that we had been saving for that special day. I brought it with me for three surgeries in hopes of being able to finally open it, but each time was a disappointment. However, that day when I got to the hotel, we were finally able to open it! Who could possibly be excited to start taking medicine? ME! You have no idea how hard we worked to get to that moment!


I started my junior year of college, and although it was challenging at first to adapt to my new life, I was on the Dean’s List for both of my Junior year semesters! It definitely was not easy, but the support system I had was amazing. On top of that, I moved into my first apartment at school, which was a big adulting moment for me. I worked closely with my department at Radford University where I worked/ work still as a work study in the design department office. I also had/ have serve as a student representative on the advisory board for my department.

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I had an amazing Bachelorette party with my closest friends in Gatlinburg Tennessee. I would not have been able to deal with the travel because of my fatigue if I had not been healed.

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I said yes to the dress! It surprisingly only took one trip to David’s Bridal to find THE dress. Maybe it’s because I am so laid back, who knows!


I became closer to our amazing God. My faith had been tested, but he healed me and I could not be more thankful! God really made clear some of things I needed to do in my life, and one of those things was starting this blog, which I will get into later. Also, throwback to the David Crowder, Jimi Cravity, and The Young Escape concert!

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I turned 21, which was a huge milestone for me because there were many moments where I thought I wouldn’t reach this milestone between being sick, other surgeons messing me up bad, and a bus accident.


I got to meet new family members, and celebrate others. It is my family that helped me get through the past 8 years of my life, and there is nothing I could do to ever thank them enough.

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I was able to watch my brother grow in so many ways while he was in Coast Guard boot camp. I am so proud of him and everything he has done. You should have seen me cry like a baby at his graduation in Cape May New Jersey! I love you Denver!


I had the happiest day of my life. My wedding day! On December 29th, I said I Do to my best friend in the world. He had been with me through all the hard times in the last four years. It was an amazing, beautiful wedding that so much of my family came together and helped put on. We got married exactly one year after getting engaged so December 29th is a blessed day for sure!


I started blogging to share my story with the world! I got it going thanks to a social media marketing class, but decided to continue after all of the amazing feedback!

I lost thirty pounds, may have gained a little back after vacation but still. Since I had Parathyroid disease for so long, it was hard to know what my body would be like afterwards. With that on top of college, I gained a lot of weight, but lost it all and am now the same weight I was in highschool. Since I was now healthy, I needed to be healthier in other ways too. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I’m on the way!

I explored southwest Virginia. I never fully opened my eyes to the beauty God had laid out right in front of me. Taking a step back and not being consumed by the anxiety and depression has opened my eyes to so much beauty in life.

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I did an amazing internship with Moms Need Help Too LLC where I ran their social medias and created the posts and marketing material for them! I learned so much about a possible career opportunity in the future.

I went to concerts and was able to dance the night away with my new energy!

I reunited with my brother in Tampa almost exactly a year after being healed in the same place. I will always feel at home in Tampa. I always joke that it is the place of my rebirth!


I took up paddle boarding, and realized that I am actually pretty good at it. Despite a few falls that left me too sore to walk properly for a few days!


I got to meet and feed a dolphin, the number one thing on my bucket list! Clearwater Marine Aquarium holds a special place in my heart and always will.


I moved to Tennessee to finally be with my husband until school starts again! We are super close to Nashville, so I know there will plenty of good fun coming up in the next year! There, I finally got to meet my first child, that just so happens to be a bearded dragon. (We really don’t look alike!) There will be many new homes in the future that I am super excited about as well! #militarywife

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And there it is! I did not put a lot of things in here because it would last probably thousands of more words. However, I wanted to show how amazing life has been since I have been healed. When you have been given a horrible diagnosis and it looks like nothing can really be done because the damage already done is too great, don’t let that make you lose hope. I was there. However, miracles DO happen. I am so blessed to have the God I do, and for him leading my family and I to Dr. Norman and his team!

Thank You Dr. Norman!

For more information about Parathyroid Disease and your options visit:

Norman Parathyroid Center’s website!

3 thoughts on “Happy Healed-iversary: One Year Strong

  1. Lucy M says:

    Lovely story. I wish you all the best the rest of your life. I was cured too by wonderful Dr. Lopez, Dr. Boone and the rest of the Norman team.


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