Perfectly Imperfect

Let me let you in on a little secret…….. Nobody’s perfect (cue Hannah Montana)! We always talk about being the perfect wife, finding the perfect significant other, being the perfect student, or being the perfect christian, or even having the perfect body…… but guess what? There is no such thing! Isn’t it relieving to realize that everyone makes mistakes (cue Hannah Montana again)? Here is a video for throwback purposes:

We constantly have the image of a perfect person pushed at us everyday. One of my favorite things to do is read fashion magazines, but when all you see are these beautiful, thin models who are just so perfect, it can tear you down. Why don’t I look like that? Why am I not perfect? News flash: they probably don’t really look like that! Photoshop is a wonderful tool that can distort reality. It is a perfect program for design work, but is unfortunately used on pictures of human beings to make them unrealistic.

To make matters worse, it is summertime. My family and I went to a waterpark a few weeks ago. I was wearing a bathing suit I had just bought and I loved. However, I suddenly felt super uncomfortable and bloated in my suit. Just looking around, there were skinny women in small bathing suits who, to me, looked perfect. Then there I was with thick legs, and a pudgy stomach.

I am not an expert in this yet. I am not completely comfortable in my body yet, but it is something that I am working on everyday. It is something we all have to work on. Those people I thought looked perfect, have insecurities too. It is just a part of life, and we all need to realize it.

When I scroll through social media, it seems like so many people have the perfect life. They seem to look perfect and always seem to be having a great time. However, this is a front that a lot of people put on to seem like they have everything together. I’m even guilty of that! Thanks to my mom and brother (I’m in the process of training my husband to be an instagram photographer) I have taken some pretty bomb pictures that show me living it up in Florida or around town. No I am not trying to brag, I am just super into instagram photography, and it brings me joy to go through the pictures and learn how to edit them. I really enjoy it! What these pictures don’t show is the anxiety I was having just minutes before, or the insecurities I had going through the unused pictures where a fat roll showed. That is what we don’t show social media. However, this isn’t just me or you, this is everyone with a social media account!


I didn’t want to post this because of how my tummy stuck out. This is one of those reject pictures I was telling you about!

Moral of the story, you aren’t perfect. Neither is anyone walking on this earth today. The only one in this world that is perfect is our almighty God, and we were made in his image. When we focus on our insecurities, we belittle the amazing qualities God has given us. I know it’s hard, but remember that you were created the way you were for a reason.

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