The Horrors of Bathing Suit Shopping

Welp, it’s that time of year again. If you haven’t already, you are probably going shopping to get this year’s bathing suit. This experience can be traumatic and can tear you down. You could spend hours in the dressing room, and still not find anything you are comfortable in. This has been me the last couple weeks in preparation for my trip to Florida. Luckily, I found two suits I like, but that did not come easy. Here are some tips I’ve come up with in hopes that it will help someone else easily find their perfect suit.

Don’t get your heart set on one specific style.

I did, and I was crushed when it didn’t work out. So when you are getting ready to go to the dressing room, grab some different styles that maybe you didn’t even think would work. You never know what could really compliment your body type.

Don’t be afraid to go a size up.

Bathing suits are snug and can pull in weird ways. A bigger size might lay nicer than your normal size, so don’t be scared to go bigger. It isn’t like you gained weight, the bathing suit might just fit tighter. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and no one will even  know!

Don’t get frustrated.

I get easily frustrated when something I like doesn’t work out. However, just shake it off like its nothing, because it will bring the rest of your shopping trip down.

Dressing room lights can be unflattering.

Everyone says that dressing rooms make you look better so you buy more, but I think that is a lie. The lights make me look pasty and cast a shadow on all my unflattering bumps. So, know that you will look better at the beach, and don’t let the horrible dressing room lighting get you down.

Don’t let it get you down.

Bathing suit shopping comes after you have been covered with sweaters and jeans, so you may not be used to seeing yourself in a bathing suit. Give it a few weeks and you will be a lot more comfortable.

Moral of the story is we all have to do this terrifying shopping trip once a year, so don’t let it get you down! You will find the perfect suit!!

One thought on “The Horrors of Bathing Suit Shopping

  1. April says:

    Ugh! I hate shopping for bathing suits. These are helpful tips though… especially about not being afraid to go up a size. Sometimes that can make all the difference.

    Liked by 1 person

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