A Letter To My Dad On Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

Another Father’s Day is here and I still cannot afford anything that even says thank you enough for being such a great dad. You  deserve the world.

Thank you for being there for me whenever I have something crazy happen to me. You are the first one I call in emergency situations because you are strong enough to handle them and walk me through them. Thank you for getting there quicker than the ambulances every time I dislocated my knee. Thank you for knowing how to calm me down when the paramedics couldn’t.


Thank you for all you gave up to raise my brother and I. I know it hasn’t always been easy with all of our needs and medical problems. You will never know how grateful I am for you and mom dropping everything to take me up and down the east coast for medical procedures. I know it was expensive and stressful, and I wish I could take it all away.


Thank you for making sure my car is up and running all the time. For going out during the winter while I am not home to start it. For helping me know what I need to do when something goes wrong with it.

Thank you for the endless laughs and jokes. Even when I am grumpy and moody, you always crack the right joke to bring a smile to my face. I know we do not see eye to eye sometimes, but that means you taught me to stick up for what I believe in, and that is a good thing! Right?!

Thank you for supporting Andres and I as we start our life together. I know it has to be hard to see your little girl grow up and move out, but you still support it. It means the world to me.


I could go on and on with thank yous, but I will leave it with one more. Thank you for being an amazing dad and for showing us how a dad should treat and raise his kids.

I love you, daddy!


2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Dad On Father’s Day

  1. Janie Wampler says:

    So sweet but, Autumn , you are an amazing daughter, Also!!! Both are lucky and I am also to have you for a neighbor!!!!


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