Combating Self Doubt (You Are Worthy)

I often tell myself I cannot do something, or I am not worthy enough for something. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have those moments where maybe we think that we are not good enough. Why would someone love me? Why would someone choose me? What do I have to offer that someone else might not? We need to realize that these are all works of the enemy. You ARE worthy. You ARE loved. You CAN do it.

This past year, I have had a lot of self doubt. I did not think I could make it through the busy semester or run a blog. I did not think people would want to hear what I was going to say. I have a story, but would people want to listen? Would I help anyone?

These were constant thoughts running through my head, given to me by none other than satan himself. One day, we had a travel ministry called Carry The Love visit our school. I had a girl with the group come up to me and pray over self doubt. She did not know when she came up to me that this was something I had been struggling with. After she finished praying, I felt a heavy weight lift off of me, and I suddenly felt loved and worthy. The truth is, even if you do not feel like it, you are worthy. You are loved. You can accomplish anything!

Once you realize this, your life will begin to change. You will be more positive and more willing to let God move in your life.

For me, it helped me see that sharing  my story was something I needed to do, and people will want to listen. I will help people. You have to realize that it is the enemy that is trying to tear you down and away from God. He wants you to believe that you are nothing, when in fact, you are something great!

So as you are reading this, say a prayer and let go of all your self doubt. You will be happier, and more confident in the end.

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