This Season’s Trends According to the Royal Wedding

All eyes were on Prince Harry and the new Princess Meghan when they walked down the aisle this past weekend. Everything from the flowers to the crowds of people lining the street, just hoping to get a glimpse of the couple, seemed to be straight from a fairytale. If you are anything like me, you watched a full coverage airing, that included watching the guests arrive. There were a lot of recurring trends I noticed in the fashions that the guests were wearing, so I wanted to discuss just a few.

Simplicity is timeless.


Meghan has had mixed reviews on her choice of dress. Some claim that her dress was too simple for royalty. I think, however, that the simplicity of the dress is timeless. When people look back years from now, like they do at old pictures of Princess Diana, they will see that this dress would still be in style. The dress was elegant and timeless. It was also a humble dress that did not boast of her new title. She is such a natural beauty anyway, so it does not take much to make her look jaw dropping.

Bright colors for the win!


So  many guests came sporting bright reds, blues, and yellows that it almost reminded me of a Piet Mondrian painting. The pops of color were perfect for the Spring, and made the church look lively. One of the most stunning guests I saw was Amal Clooney. Her bright yellow dress was beautiful, and she and George were beaming ear to ear the whole time. It was clear that they were truly happy to be in attendance. Not to mention the Queen herself was in a lime green outfit.

Don’t forget your pastel colors!


Pastel colors also filled the nave of St. George’s Chapel over the weekend. We see even members of the Royal family, like Princess Eugenie, in a springy pastel dress. However, let’s talk about Serena Williams with a beautiful pastel pink dress. SHE LOOKED AMAZING! Pastels are perfect for all of spring. Not just Easter!

Don’t forget about the dark colors either!


So many people wore dark colors to the wedding so it must be in… right? Don’t let the heat of the warmer weather cause you to store  your navy and black dresses in the back of the closet. They are in style all year round! Just ask Victoria Beckham.

Don’t throw out your faves.


Wear your fave outfit as much as you want! If you look good, and more importantly, feel good, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Kate Middleton wore the dress she wore to Meghan and Harry’s wedding before, but who could blame her? She looked great in it, and she just had a baby a couple of weeks ago for crying out loud! Though if I was her, I would use any excuse to get a new dress.

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!


The whole cast of Suits rolled up to the royal wedding looking like they just walked out of an old Hollywood movie, and I could NOT be more in love with their outfit choices! They all looked amazing. It just goes to show that our Great Grandmas knew what they were doing!

Moral of the story….

You can wear whatever the heck you want! Fashion barely has any rules anymore. We are in an era of fashion freedom, and we are free to express ourselves however we want. Take it from the royal wedding…. each person did their own thing. There wasn’t just one style, there were hundreds! Wear what makes you comfortable, confident, and you!

2 thoughts on “This Season’s Trends According to the Royal Wedding

  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for posting, I love the Royals and fashion. I’m looking forward to following some of these trends this summer.


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