Travel Diaries: Natural Bridge State Park

Whenever Andres and I go home to see family, we always find something fun to do on the long drive home. This past weekend, we decided to stop by Natural Bridge State Park in Natural Bridge Virginia. The park includes a one mile there and back ‘Cedar Creek Trail’ that brings you underneath the huge rock bridge and ends at a beautiful waterfall. This land was once surveyed by George Washington, and later owned by Thomas Jefferson up until his death.


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Natural Bridge is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and attracts tourists from all over the world to see the amazing rock structure. The bridge itself is just a short hike from the gift-shop and information center. For the entire trail, you follow creeks that lead up to the waterfall at the end.


The first glimpse of the bridge was absolutely breathtaking. Andres and I just sat there in awe as we stared up at it. You cannot tell in pictures the scale of the bridge until you are actually standing there about to go under.

It is incredible to get away from the sounds of cars, and machinery and enjoy nature as it is meant to be enjoyed. That being said, I was super surprised to learn that a highway runs over it (and shook when we drove over it when we were leaving to get back on the interstate).


There were many times that we just stopped and took it all in. The sound of the creek rushing over the smoothed down rocks, the sweet smell of blooming wildflowers, and the wind rustling through the trees. We weren’t the only ones enjoying it! We stopped when we heard rustling in the grass and leaves and watched an adorable little shrew run around beside the trail. We weren’t the only humans enjoying it either. There were families with little kids, older people, and even families with dogs adventuring through the rock and forest. It was such a nice day, that people even had their feet dangling in the creek. It seemed that everyone we met was in a great mood, and even the park officers were happy to answer any questions you might have.

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The park has amazing photo opportunities. You could take a gorgeous photo no matter where you are in the park. Trust me….. I pretty much took a picture every step of the way.

Through the trail, there are different stops that point out where George Washington is said to have carved his initials into the rocks of the bridge, Saltpeter Cave, the Lost River, and a replica of a Monacan Indian village.

We found that this place was a great area to stretch your legs, see what history America has to offer, and take in the beautiful sites and sounds of nature. I had an amazing time exploring and growing even closer with my husband.


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