Tips to Finish the Semester Strong.

It is probably the hardest time of the year……. the end of Spring semester. All of a sudden, everything is due, exams are coming up, and it is getting harder and harder to concentrate on classwork (can it just be over?). I came to my mom with ALL of these struggles, and she gave me some of the best advice. Here are some ways I am making it through the semester and not (completely) going crazy.

Schedule out your time.


I have been doing this for a few weeks now, and when you have a lot to get accomplished, it really helps. If I know I am going to spend the whole day doing homework, I schedule everything out to the minute. When you put yourself on a schedule like that, you are less likely to spend time scrolling through Instagram. It also helps you make sure that you don’t spend too much time on one assignment that preventing you from going onto the next thing. This is especially helpful when you realize that everything you have been putting off all semester is due right now. I have found that it helps my stress levels go down too, because I know everything will get done this way.

Take Breaks.

Image-1 (1)

You cannot sit at your computer ALL day long, you need some breaks to scroll through social media, watch netflix, and eat. When you make your schedules (look above at schedule out your time), make sure that you set aside times for relaxing as well. That way when you are doing your homework, you aren’t as tempted to see what everyone is doing on Snapchat.

Prioritize things.

Sometimes you just need to sit down and look at what is due when. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that you have a week left to do while neglecting something that is due tomorrow. When writing down your assignments, form a list of things that are due now, and things that are not due until later. This will help relieve stress because maybe you thought you had less time than you actually did.

Only worry about what you can control.


I am seriously having to work hard on this. I called my mom freaking out about everything in the world. Say you don’t think you did well on an exam, you have a project due this week, and you are waiting to hear back from a big interview you had. All of these thoughts can be so overwhelming. My mom told me to make a list with two columns, a ‘can control column’ and a ‘can’t control column’ (or a ‘let go and let God column’ as I like to call it).

Let’s go back to everything you have going on….. what do you need to let go of because worrying about it is unnecessary? The exam you didn’t do well on, and the interview you are waiting to hear back on.

What can you control? The project that is due this week.

When you think about it in this way, you will stress a lot less. This is probably the only way I am making it through the semester without going crazy.

Think about the end result.

When I think about how great it is going to feel when I finish this semester, it helps me realize that all of it will be over soon. Although it seems like it will never end, and you never get to rest, the important thing is to remember what you are working for and why you are doing this.



I hope these little tips help you like they did me, and shoutout to my mom for her wisdom on this subject!

If you have any tips you use, let me know in the comments section below!

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