Life of a Fashion Merchandising Major

When I tell someone I am a Fashion Merchandising major, people always think I mean that I am a Fashion Designer. You would not want to wear anything I would try and make…. TRUST ME! As a fashion merchandise major, we focus on more of the business side of things. There are so many jobs that are open to people wanting to pursue a career as a merchandiser, and we are trained for every single one of them. Everything from visual merchandising to advertising, marketing, and buying. That is just to name a few of our career options! Join me as a I take you through life as a merchandising major.

Why did I chose my major?

Believe it or not, I was a tomboy in middle school, so if you new me in middle school and saw that I was going to college to work in the fashion industry, you would have laughed. Going into high school, I subscribed to Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and I absolutely fell in love with the bright images and the beautiful, sometimes odd, fashions I saw on their glossy pages. Over time I began experimenting with clothes and makeup. It wasn’t something a lot of people were interested in where I grew up, so I had to rely on my magazines for the latest in fashion news. I decided that the fashion industry would be something I would want to work in for the rest of my life. I wanted to create the advertisements I saw in the magazines I read. That is where it all began.

Projects, Projects, Projects!

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We did a lot of really cool projects throughout college to prepare us for potential jobs. We created advertisements for a local boutique, practiced visual merchandising skills with window displays, designed plans for stores, and actually planned different retail businesses to the point that if we had the money, we could just jump in. Although the projects were stress inducing, they were a lot of fun! After you are done, you can just look and think, “Hey, I did that.” We couldn’t just jump into the world of design though. Our freshman year, we were introduced to different design principles through module classes that taught the basics which would help us the rest of the time in school.

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Business Classes. Enough said. 

I personally love Marketing since I want to focus on Fashion Marketing and Advertising when I am out of school. However, a lot of people don’t realize that a huge chunk of our classes are business and marketing classes. I have had to take courses in Retailing, Professional Selling, and (next year) Consumer Behavior. That’s just to name a few! No, we don’t sit in a studio all day designing store layouts. We learn how to run our own businesses! That’s the cool thing about Fashion Merchandising…. You are prepared for whatever career is thrown your way.

It takes a whole lot of hard work and time to be a design major.

A lot of people take design majors for granted. How can it be that hard, right?! WRONG! You put a lot of super stressful hours into projects and classes. It can be emotionally and physically draining. There are a lot of times that I cannot hang out with friends or go places because I need to be in the studio, class, or in my room working on a project. I barely have any down time. However, I wouldn’t change it for a thing! You get so close to the other people in your major, and you learn how to make best use of your time. After all, this is what I need to do to reach the career of my dreams.

Awesome opportunities!

From fashion shows to trips to Atlanta (that I am waiting to go on!), you have a lot of cool opportunities to travel and meet a lot of people in your business. I haven’t been able to go on the Atlanta trip yet, but I am hoping to next semester! We partner with the Fashion Design majors to put on an amazing fashion show every year. I also get to meet professionals in my field often, which makes me even more excited for what the future holds.

This major has made me laugh, cry, happy, mad, but it is shaping me into a professional that will one day work in the fashion industry. The fashion world is a tough world to make it in….. but I know that I am being prepared for whatever comes my way. I wouldn’t change being a merchandising major for anything!


2 thoughts on “Life of a Fashion Merchandising Major

  1. Aatee says:

    I like this post! Being a fashion design major i agree that all our projects are stress inducing😂. I really wish i took fashion merchandising because designing is hard


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