What It’s Like Being Married in College

In college, you must balance a lot of things. You have to balance your schoolwork, social life, classes, extracurriculars, finances, and a lot of times a job. For me, I have to balance all of that along with a marriage! While everyone is getting ready for a night out, I am getting in my pajamas and settling down for a facetime with my spouse. It can be hard to balance everything sometimes, but I would not have it any other way! Being married and away at college has its tough times, but just like anything, we get through it. A lot of people ask me what it is like to be a married student, so here I am to let you in on it!

Being away from each other.


The hardest part of being married while in college is being away from each other. While my husband only lives a state over, his work and my classes make it hard to find the opportunity to actually spend a lot of time together. Sometimes the distance can be painful, but since we love each other and both work hard on maintaining a good marriage, it makes it easier. The weeks apart make me long for the day I graduate and can officially move all my stuff in with him. However, right now we have no choice but to stay strong and work through it.

Making Time to talk.

I am constantly drowning in homework and activities that I need to either do or go to. Same for my husband. We are very busy people, so sometimes it is hard to actually sit down and have a long conversation. So, if I am not at an event or hanging out with my friends, there is a 100% chance I am in a skype call with my SO.



Since my husband and I live apart from each other while I am in school, we are paying for double of everything. That means double rent, utilities, food, EVERYTHING! This can be pretty stressful at times when trying to figure out finances. If you are planning on getting married while in college, make sure you take time to sit down with your SO to talk about budgets. Also, make sure you consult with them before making big purchases. This will help you both make sure that you are staying on track.

The paperwork!!

After getting married, you have tons of paperwork to do. Think of all the schoolwork you have to do, and multiply it by two. I am still doing paperwork to get my last name changed on things. Oh, and I cannot forget FAFSA. Getting FAFSA fixed was a job on its own. Prepare to be thrown into some major adulting situations! There is no more having your mom make appointments for you!

The motivation.


Being married gives me a LOT of motivation. It just makes me even more motivated to get my degree. I want to make him even more proud of me, so that keeps me going even when it gets tough.

The support.

Being married while in school just means that you have more support overall. Whenever I call my husband on the phone freaking out that I think I flunked my marketing exam, he is always there to reassure me that I will graduate, and I can do it! His support is what gets me through the toughest of days. I have no idea what I would do without him.

Of course, being a married student is really tough at times, but it is something that I would never change. The good far outweigh the tough parts of being away from each other and doing all the paperwork. I have a lifelong best friend and supporter, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


2 thoughts on “What It’s Like Being Married in College

  1. Janie Wampler says:

    You are amazing and I am sure you will have a great life together..growing up is a hard job and you are doing great..miss seeing you across the street!!!!


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