Staying Organized for the New Semester

So maybe fall semester didn’t go quite as planned…… You fell behind on some of your assignments, and ended up digging yourself so deep that you barely made it out alive. I am here to help! Here are some tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years to stay on top of things!

1) Buy a planner….. and keep up with it!!

I could not imagine life without a planner. So many events would be missed and assignments forgotten. As soon as your professor tells you about a project or assignment, WRITE IT DOWN! It will help you make sure that you are not sitting there in shock while all your classmates are handing in a paper. (We have all been there!) My planner (pictured above) is a Create 365 “Happy Planner.” It is amazing and allows for a lot of customization along with a place to keep up with your goals. Dean’s List here you come!

2) Do not stuff papers in your bag!

We all do it. You are late for your next class across campus, and you were just given guidelines to a major assignment you have coming up. The first instinct is to stuff your paper in the black hole that is your bookbag. Trust me, there is a chance you will never see that again. Instead, I have found that it is a lot safer to keep folders for each class. I have a pocket for each class, and quickly put the papers in their right pocket. This makes it a lot simpler to find your guidelines, and you won’t have to search your mess for a crumpled piece of paper.

3) Buy a multiple subject notebook.

I think one of my biggest mistakes was getting a separate notebook for each class. This brought so much confusion. Sometimes I would grab the wrong notebook for the wrong day. Other times I would have to flip through multiple notebooks to see if that was for the class I was in. It was a mess. I have finally learned that if you just have one big notebook for all your classes, than you will live a less stressed life!

4) Have a wall calendar.

Okay, I know….. maybe I just have a weird obsession with planning things, but a wall calendar is a must for me. Sometimes I get home from class and lay down in bed, ready to hibernate until the next time I have to emerge from my apartment for class. However, I look up on the wall and see that I have a sorority function to be at in five minutes. While the planner is laid to rest in your bookbag until you find the strength to do your homework, your wall calendar will be there to remind you that you have somewhere to be.

5) Have an accordion folder for important documents.

A lot of contracts and other important information about things like financial aid are thrown at you everyday. It is so important to keep all of your documents in one place for future reference. Accordion folders are relatively cheap, and a great way to start organizing!

With these five tips on staying organized, I hope you dive into this semester with full confidence that you will succeed. Here is to a great semester!

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